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Anxiety Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science of life and being holistic in approach, not only gives importance to physical health but also to mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of an individual. Our mind is regulated by three energies - Satva, Rajah and Tamas. Out of these, the Satva is pure and positive energy which never becomes a cause of any disease. But Rajah and Tamas are very sensitive energies - if their quantum is disturbed or deviated, it can create a condition called 'Altered Nervous Function' - which can lead to many health issues.

Chittodvega which is one among the Manovikara explained by Acharya Charaka. The conventional treatment for this condition include short to long term administration of anxiolytics which on continuous use may cause other health issues and dependence.


  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Incorrect lifestyle
  • Stressful family life
  • Work or social conditions
  • Sudden change in situations
  • Shocking incident
  • Chronic illness or injury
  • Emotional problem

How Total Ayurveda Care treat

The condition of depression or anxiety can be improved by adopting a satvik lifestyle and diet – making us more positive and constructive in our approach. But realistically, it can take a long time to reverse the impact of rajah and tamas.


Sankhapuspi, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Mandukaparni & Tulasi.

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