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Menopause Stone Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic classics Menopause condition is termed as “Rajonivrutti& Menopausal symptoms (Rajonivruttianubandhvyadhies) The whole term Rajonivruttimeans end of ArtavaPravritti or cessation of menstruation.
Most of the Menopause Symptoms are due the Vata aggravation followed by other Doshic factors. The basic concept of Ayurvedicmedicine is “Swasthsyaswastyarakshanam and aturasyavikaraprasamanam cha”prevention is better than cure. In the early pre‐ menopause stage it is better to balancethe aggravated or underplaying factors, so that the intensity of the menopause symptoms will be far less or even can be negligible. In order to achieve this one should follow the Dosha based diet and life style principles followed by Ayurvedic herbs on regular basis.


  • Irregular periods
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Hot flashes
  • Chills

  • Night sweats
  • Sleep problems
  • Mood changes
  • Weight gain and slowed metabolism

How Total Ayurveda Care treat Menopause

We are here to provide you as a treatment if your symptoms are severe or affecting your quality of life. Hormone therapy may be an effective treatment in women under the age of 60, or within 10 years of menopause onset. Other medications may be used to treat more specific menopause symptoms, like hair loss and vaginal dryness.


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